• Drive Like Your Family Lives Here

    Via Velojoy: a powerful video presented by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. This has been hanging out in my web browser for several weeks. I knew it would be very hard to watch, but I also knew I had to watch it, and share it with you.

    The film will be included in training curricula for drivers of NYC cabs.

    There are more ways to support Vision Zero. Transportation Alternatives gives you some ways to start.

    This is also a good time to sign the petition for a Car-Free Prospect Park. Mayor DeBlasio: hopefully this is the last petition we have to sign on this topic.

  • Bike to School

    Something cool via Recycle-A-Bicycle...

    The Bike to School program is now taking applications for middle and high schools who want to get their students more involved in cycling. DOT's Bike to School program encourages students, families and educators to bicycle as a safe, healthy and fun way to get to and from school. Through the program, DOT works with schools and community groups to designate safe Bike to School routes, implement in-class curriculum and recommend street safety improvements. All middle and high schools in the City of New York are invited to apply. For more information, check out the Bike to School application.

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