• Helmets, Not Fedoras

    A helmet is no fedora. Does yours fit right? Check out tips from Redbeard & others, via Velojoy. This is a good read for both gals and guys.

    Speaking of helmets: it's a good idea to replace yours every two to three years. The helmet deteriorates with use; sun and sweat break down the foam. And your helmet naturally takes some abuse in the course of daily life. Here at Redbeard we have lots of light, airy helmets that will keep you cool AND safe this summer. Come on down and try a Kask, Giro, Uvex or POC.

    Pinterest board via Velojoy.

  • Snow Day Bike Lust

    We just ordered a set of these all silver polished Vigor Alpha Wheels by Rolf Prima.

    They will look awesome on a Lynskey or Mosaic. We'll post photos as soon as they are in!

    Rolf Wheels are hand-built in Eugene, OR, and feature U.S.-made, hand-polished rims, and U.S.-made hubs.

    Read more on Bike Rumor.

    Photo: Rolf Prima


    --Ilya Nikhamin

  • Our bikes in OUT Magazine!

    We're psyched that two of our bikes are featured in Out Magazine: The Giant Defy in slide 1, a Brompton in slide 6.

    Check it out!

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