• La Vuelta Puerto Rico

    Duane just rode La Vuelta Puerto Rico on his custom Lynskey R230 -- a Redbeard build.

    La Vuelta is a 3-day, 375-mile supported ride that circumnavigates Puerto Rico.

    Check out the photos! So much excitement!

  • Lynskey Vialé: Swiss Edition

    This is a Lynskey Performance Designs Vialé Disc.

    Built up with the latest SRAM Rival 22 Hydro road group. The dirt is from the maiden voyage. It went out on the Sunday Shop Ride and is now somewhere over the Atlantic, bound for Switzerland. Hopefully some photos of the Alps coming soon.



    Wide range cassette is everyone's friend. 

    Love the Wound Up Disc tab. Lovely fork all around.

  • Bike Cult Show

    Redbeard Bikes will be at the Bike Cult Hand-built Bicycle Show this weekend, 8/16 - 8/17 at the Knockdown Center in Maspeth, Queens.

    We'll be showing off Lynskey titanium builds.

    Come on out to see awesome bikes & talk to the talented people who make 'em. 


  • Superlights in the house

    We have just 3 superlight Bromptons left and they can be yours today.

    A superlight Brompton has a titanium fork and rear frame, which means the whole bike is about 1.5 pounds lighter than an all-steel Brompton. Believe me, it makes a difference! 

    We've got:

    M3L in Black
    S2L in Raw Lacquer  

    Check out all our Brompton offerings right here on our site or come into the store. Please email redbeard@redbeardbikes.com with any questions!

  • Yes, we have Bromptons!

    We recently replenished our flock of Bromptons, so if you've been dreaming of one, the time is ripe!

    We've got:

    S2L Raw Lacquer
    M2L Raw Lacquer
    M3L Yellow
    M3L Claret
    M3L Raw Lacquer
    M3L Sage Green
    M3L Turkish Green
    H3L Cobalt Blue
    S2E Red
    M3L Pink
    M6R Red
    And last but not least: an awesome M3L White & Red, with Dynamo lighting!

    We are also expecting six superlights Bromptons to arrive from London next week. Three of them are already spoken for! One of the others can be yours! The colors are: raw lacquer, racing green, and cobalt blue.

    If you are interested in a superlight, please email us at redbeard@redbeardbikes.com or call us at (718) 858-2453.

    If we don't have your desired model in stock, we are happy to order one for you. The turnaround is about 4 weeks.

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