Hours: Redbeard Bikes @ 69 Jay St in Brooklyn is closed for sabbatical Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2021.
During this time, we're shipping most web orders once a week. (Sorry, no local pick-up.)

Book A Fitting

At Redbeard Bikes, we do fittings by appointment only.

Ilya Nikhamin is our fitter.

To schedule, please email ilya@redbeardbikes.com or call (718) 858-2453, with your preferred days and times. 

Starting in July, we offer fittings all weekdays except Wednesdays. The earliest appointment is 7:15 AM; the latest is 8:30 PM. There is limited weekend availability. 

Wondering whether you could benefit from a fitting? We invite you to visit the shop with your bike for a casual assessment and discussion.


Standard fit: $350
Takes 3-4 hours. Free with purchase of bike/frame over $3500, or any custom frame. 50% off, with purchase of bike/frame for $2000-$3500.

Triathlon fit: $400.
Takes 3-5 hours.

Casual/flat bar bike fit: $200
Typically takes 2 hours.

Pre-race fit check/fit adjust: $75
Only for those who have had a full fitting at Redbeard Bikes or another qualified fit studio (ACME, Fit Werx, Signature Cycles) in the past 18 months.
Please book as far in advance as possible: ilya@redbeardbikes.com.

Combination Road+Tri Fitting: $500
One or more bikes possible. Typically takes FOREVER!

Fitting Follow-up:

First follow-up is free. We recommend coming in for a quick follow-up a few weeks after your fitting. As your body gets used to the new position, and as you start doing some stretches, the fit will migrate (very predictably). We will assess and adjust. Ideally, you will have road-tested the new position, so we can make tweaks based on that feedback.

We'll usually reach out to you two weeks after your fitting to schedule your follow-up, but please don't hesitate to get in touch sooner if you have any questions or concerns. 

Be sure to practice your Exercises for Cycling for continued improvement. 

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