Q. I don't know anything about bikes. All my friends are telling me different things, and there is too much information on the internet. How do I find the right bike?

A. Finding the right bike is a conversation and a process. Our job is to know the universe of bikes and match you with the right one. When you come to your shop looking for a bike, we'll start by asking you some questions: "What kind of riding do you do now? What kind of riding do you want to do?" Then, we'll send you out on some test rides around the neighborhood. DUMBO is a great place to try out a bike. We have cobblestones and hills, lots of bikes on the road, and some tourists, too, so you can see just how well that bike handles.

Q. What size bike do I need?

A. The right size. We have to put you on a bike to find out. 

Q. Do I need a helmet?

A. We recommend it. Helmets are not a cure-all but they do save lives in some cases. If you love your brain, it's a no-brainer.

Q. Do I need lights?

A. YES. You want to be seen from as far away as possible, so that others have time to react. White in the front; red in the rear.

Q. Do you sell kids' bikes?

A. Yes!

Q. Do you sell baby seats?

A. Yes!

Q. I love to ride and I want to make streets safer for other riders. How can I get involved?

A. Check out Transportation Alternatives. They've been advocating for sustainable streets in New York for 40 years. They have volunteer opportunities in all five boroughs, including Brooklyn.

Q. How has Citi Bike affected your business?

A. We love Citi Bike. We are both annual members. Citi Bike fills a niche that our "other" bikes don't. We've outfitted lots of Citi Bike riders with helmets. We've also seen 

Q. Do you rent bikes?

A. Unfortunately, we don't rent bikes at this time. For short trips, we recommend Citi Bike. For longer rentals, Bike and Roll has an outpost in nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Q. Do you buy bikes?

A. We do not buy bikes. Our friends at Recycle-A-Bicycle (35 Pearl Street) accept donated bikes. Throughout the year, there are bike swaps such as the Brooklyn Bike Jumble.

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