Bike Fittings

What is a bike fitting? It's the process of tailoring your bicycle to your body, your needs, your hopes, your lumps and your bumps. A stock bicycle is an un-tailored suit. A given size straight out of a box, will fit many people, much of the time. But some riders will need adjustments. 

We specialize in fitting bicycles to the rider: making sure that the rider is happy and comfortable on a bike for the desired length of time. Every rider is different and has different ranges of motion and bio-mechanical attributes. We assess and measure the relevant features of the rider and observe them on the fit bike (with more measurements). Based on this, we make recommendations to alleviate or prevent discomfort or pain.

Fittings are absolutely necessary for cyclists competing in any discipline (especially triathlons). Every second counts, and every day you can ride your bike efficiently, effectively and pain-free.

At Redbeard Bikes, we use the Retul Müve fit bike and software.

Ilya trained as a fitter at the Serotta International Cycling Institute and at the Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) Body Geometry Fit program

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