Our Philosophy

Redbeard Bikes wants to: make bicycles universally beloved, grow the sport of cycling, and lay waste to banality. We believe that everyone deserves a bike. A bike that fits well, keeps well, rides well. Really well. And, we believe that all roads are for bicycles. Even the ones that have not yet been built.

We say no to throw-away bicycles. To cheap goods. To the one-gear-fits-all proposition.

We say yes to well-built bicycles. To things that are made to last. To good strong locks. We say yes to imagination.

Every bicycle and object in our shop, is something we’ve tried, and found worthy.


People are often intimidated by the unending sea of bikes, parts, gadgets. They've got lots of questions, or more often, they don't know what questions to ask. So, let us ask you!

Whatcha need it for?
Will it fitcha?
Do you love staring at it?

We are your bikeshop. It's on us to know all the possibilities: the frames, components, gear. The grams, the watts, the centimeters (and the dollars).

It's on YOU to have a dream. That dream may be very general:

“I want to ride with my friends.”
“I want to take my child to daycare and pick up groceries.”
“I want to go super fast."
“I want to stop giving the MTA money.”

Or it may be very specific:

“I am doing my first tri!”
“I miss riding. But I hurt my back and I can’t ride on my current set-up."
“I used to run, my knees are shot, I need something new.”
“My neighbor gave me this bike but it’s too small/big/the brakes don’t work.”

Very rarely does someone wake up and say, “I dreamt I got a x bike with y components and z wheels, etc.,” down to every last spec. Granted, they may have done a ton of research, and waded through a whole lotta internet, and talked to their friends, and concluded that they want that particular set up.

Underneath all that jazz, is a dream.

So, tell us what you want. And we will build it together.

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