Abus Granit Plus 640 Mini U-Lock


Abus Granit Plus 640 Mini U-Lock
  • $100.00

The Redbeard lock of choice for New York City. Super strong, yet conveniently light for the urban rider.

Comes with two keys, and a key code, which allows you to order an extra key in the future.

Optional bracket ($15) to mount the lock to your bicycle frame. 


The GRANIT Plus 640- compact and lightweight - is slightly wider than its predecessor, the Futura 64, and is capable of locking around reinforced parking meters despite it’s compact size. It also features an array of security upgrades making this our highest security mini u-lock (12 out of 15).

The 640 is made of temper hardened steel in the shackle, case and supporting elements of the lock mechanism as well as other weight-optimized alloys. This results in a lock that is lightweight and strong. The upgraded locking mechanism now bolts four times into the lock body (two times per shackle side) providing excellent protection against twisting/torsion attacks and requiring thieves to cut both sides of the shackle in order to steal the bike while still offering great user "feel" and comfort when locking.

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