Brooks B15 Swallow Saddle with Chrome Rails


Brooks B15 Swallow Saddle with Chrome Rails


Naturally Timeless. Made By Hand. Shaped By You.

Brooks's best-selling model for over 100 years, the B17 is the ideal bicycle saddle for commuting, gravel, road cycling, and touring + trekking use. Made in England.

Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather for strength, beauty, and durability.

The Brooks extended 10-year guarantee on all leather saddles is founded on the quality and consistency of materials and the exceptional work of the craftspeople.

Brooks's workshops have been crafting these iconic leather saddles for more than 150 years.

Leather is a naturally breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being. The leather top is suspended over the saddle rail to create a suspended molded seat, similar to a hammock, for tailored lasting comfort.

Journey after journey, Brooks leather naturally molds to the unique shape of the rider for a more comfortable ride.

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