ENVE 4.5AR Disc, R45D 24/24, Matte Black, XDR, Ceramic

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ENVE 4.5AR Disc, R45D 24/24, Matte Black, XDR, Ceramic
  • $3,500.00

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From Chris King:


Why We Make This

What’s more aero than aero? Deeper section rims, that’s what. We make this wheelset, because some of you want cut through the wind like a Ginsu through a tomato. You want to rail a dirt road descent like an osprey diving for a fat bass. These metaphors are inelegant though. This wheelset is refined, and serious, and very, very fast.

Why You Want It

You want the fastest, most versatile wheel we make. You care a lot about aerodynamics. ENVE answers that call with 50/56mm deep rims built wide to take a 30mm tire. They’re fast, but they’re also stable. They’re stiff, but they’re also rugged.

Our R45 Centerlock™ hubs pair a lightweight hub body with our legendary, made-in-house bearings. They give you 45-points of simultaneous engagement, and that means more of your power gets to the ground and your traction is better. These hubs just roll better, last longer, and looks way more handsome than anything else out there. The stiffness of our one-piece axle translates to laser-precise bike handling.

Our bearings, both steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfect matching. The quality and speed of our bearings is what you will feel (and hear) on every ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they actually get faster. A little bit of regular love (i.e. service) will keep this hub rolling for years upon years of demanding use.

This wheelset comes with the legendary angry-bee sound and you can choose from a bunch of sharp hub colors, including basic black.

  • Built in-house with legendary Chris King precision 
  • Chris King R45D 24 hole front hub 
  • Chris King R45D 24 hole rear hub
  • Centerlock Lock ring sold separately and required for installation
  • ENVE SES 4.5 disc carbon rims engineered by F1 designer Simon Smart for speed and responsiveness 
  • ENVE valve extenders and ENVE rim strips are included with this wheelset
  • ENVE color matched wheel decal kits available for additional purchase separately
  • King Lifetime Warranty on our hubs 
  • Chris King-backed 5-year crash replacement policy
  • ENVE-backed lifetime warranty on rims 


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Rim: ENVE SES 4.5
Wheel Size: 700c
Rim Type: Hookless Tubeless
External Width (mm): 31.9
Internal Width (mm): 25
Rim Depth (mm): 50/56
Hub Configuration: 24/24 R45D Centerlock
HUB Options: Shimano,  XDR
Spokes: Sapim CX Ray
Nipples: ENVE Internal
Lacing Pattern: 2-Cross
Rim Weight (g): 411/415
Front Wheel Weight (g): 700
Rear Wheel Weight (g): 819
Total Wheel Weight (g): 1519

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