Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Unisex Saddle

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Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Unisex Saddle
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This saddle comes with a 120-day comfort guarantee, so there's really no risk to trying it!

When tradition and innovation meet, product quality is guaranteed. Selle Royal has over 50 years experience in researching and developing quality materials, innovative design and advanced technology to produce the most comfortable high performance saddles on the market. Selle Royal is a synonym for quality.

Technology Royal Gel Scientific tests have proven that Royalgel padding reduces peak pressure on the prostate/pubis and ischial areas by up to 40% compared to other gel and non-gel saddles, providing the maximum level of comfort. Royalgel is the only gel which does not age, harden or migrate. Up to 40% reduction of pressure peaks Royalgel absorbs shocks better than ordinary foam padding materials and other gels products, which means that shocks disappear inside the Royalgel padding and aren't transferred to the cyclist's body.

  • Anatomical design and cooling channel.
  • Active Ventilation system generates a cooling flow of air
  • All saddles are ICS compatible
  • Cool cover allows saddles to stay 25deg cooler than traditional black saddles in the sun
  • Ventilation channel keeps pressure off the perineum and prevents sweating
  • Xsenium Cool Cover
  • Elastomer bumpers
  • Dimensions: 277 mm x 163 mm
  • Weight: 429 g
  • Stance: sporty

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