• Portland, OR to Fairfax, CA

    Tayler Wiles of the Velocio-SRAM Pro Cycling team writes about her recent adventure. She rode from Portland, OR to Fairfax, CA, camping along the way.

    Her blog post is quite long...but then so is the road! The photographs are guaranteed to inspire you to embark on your own two-wheeled road trip.

    Tayler shares essentials from each leg of the journey -- yummy food stops and good camping grounds. 

    Read her story here.

  • Cross-Country

    Daydreamin' about riding cross-country! Or maybe cross-some-of-the-country, such as the Climate Ride Northeast from Maine to Boston, happening in September. Registration opens Monday, 1/19.

    Eight reasons to do it, from People for Bikes - they are all great but this one's my favorite:

    It tunes you in to simplicity.
    “It's a chance to get out of the rat race, totally out of a normal routine.  Life becomes simple. It's you, your bike, a couple changes of clothes and really nothing else in the world to worry about except where you're going to find your next great breakfast.” —Tony Breitbach, chiropractor

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