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  • Climate Ride Info Session

    Curious about the Climate Ride?

    There's an info session on Thursday, 4/9. Stop by to learn about bike rides and hikes to support active transportation & sustainability.

    Redbeard friend & regular Brendan did last year's Climate Ride from NY to DC and had a great experience!

    When: Thursday, 4/9 @ 6PM
    Where: Brooklyn Brainery, 190 Underhill Avenue in Brooklyn

    More details about the info session, here.

  • Cross-Country

    Daydreamin' about riding cross-country! Or maybe cross-some-of-the-country, such as the Climate Ride Northeast from Maine to Boston, happening in September. Registration opens Monday, 1/19.

    Eight reasons to do it, from People for Bikes - they are all great but this one's my favorite:

    It tunes you in to simplicity.
    “It's a chance to get out of the rat race, totally out of a normal routine.  Life becomes simple. It's you, your bike, a couple changes of clothes and really nothing else in the world to worry about except where you're going to find your next great breakfast.” —Tony Breitbach, chiropractor

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