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  • Wednesday Round-Up: Juno Edition

    Starting today, we'll bring you a weekly round-up of interesting bike stuff...every Wednesday!

    In Vision Zero news: an illuminating interview with Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives: On the Radical Idea that Cars Shouldn't Kill. Paul tells it like it is: "If a driver injures someone while committing a traffic violation it’s still an “oops” moment here in New York. Cops don’t investigate the crash scene. DAs, even when the evidence is there, aren’t pursuing meaningful charges. We still just don’t have that social stigma and cultural realization that driving is an extraordinarily grave undertaking. That when you get behind the wheel you absolutely are responsible."

    Another kind of zero: Velocio ZERO Bibtights got a sweet review in Bicycling Magazine. ("And isn’t that why you buy good cycling clothing? To be comfortable to the point that you don’t think about it.") Last we checked, Redbeard Bikes is the only shop in the city to carry Velocio cycling apparel for women.

    Registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour opened this week. The Tour happens Sunday, May 3, 2015. It's the world's biggest charitable bike ride! Proceeds from the Tour support Bike New York's awesome free bike education programs.

    Missy Erickson's first-hand account of the Track Cycling World Cup in Cali, Colombia last weekend. She brought home the bronze in the women's keirin race for Team USA!

    DUMBO BID featured us in its newsletter and on the blog: Winter Cycling Tips from the Redbeard Bikes Pros.

    Want to learn how to ride safely in a group? NYCC offers a formal training program for riders of all levels. Check out Spring Training with NYCC. Registration opens 2/11. If you've done this program, we're curious if you liked it!

    Reminder: all Redbeard shop rides are on hiatus till around March 15th. Our no-drop rides are another great opportunity to pick up some group riding skills and meet other cyclists. Save the date!

    Missy Erickson on the podium at the Track World Cup in Cali, Colombia.

  • Kasia's Picks: For the Gal Who Is Never Not Riding

    We couldn't fit all our favorite things on our official Holiday Gift List, so we've put together a few holiday gift bundles around different themes.

    First up: Kasia's picks.

    "Some people stop riding when they become shop owners. The opposite happened to me. I became that gal who is never not riding. Metrocard what? I couldn't have the fun I have, without my gear. It keeps me happy in the saddle at all hours, in all seasons."

    Garmin Edge 500. How long is the road less traveled? $200
    Kask Mojito Helmet, Nero-Fuchsia. Pretty in pink. $200
    Gore Road Windstopper Thermo Lobster Gloves. So cozy. The snot panel is a lifesaver. And yes, you can still shift. $80
    Her Chamois Butt'r: Be kind to your skin. $20
    Tubus Airy Titanium Rack. A rack that won't slow down your Lynskey. $260
    Spurcycle Bell. A voice that never runs out. $39
    Origin8 Front & Rear Lights. For all those night flights. $45 each
    Whisky C3 Carbon Bottle Cage: Super easy to pull your bottle out of this one. $60
    Giro Riela Shoe, Black/Rhodamine Red. I call 'em dancing shoes. $100
    Velocio Spin Top. When there's ice on the road, spin class is the answer. $99

    Want it? Call or email us and we'll prep it for you! (718) 858-2453 or redbeard@redbeardbikes.com


    Photo Credit: Priscilla Bargas

  • Velocio Signature Bib Will Rock Your World

    Equinox picked the Velocio Women's Signature Bib Shorts for their list of 7 fall cycling essentials -- and we agree 100%.

    The Velocio bib is the best bib I've worn. Ladies, take note: the mesh bib upper = no straps sliding around.

    I swear, this thing makes you faster. (A lion doesn't think twice about its skin; it simply chases the gazelle.)

    Redbeard Bikes is the only shop in New York to carry the line! Both the shorts and knickers versions of the bib are available in the shop now. We also have the new spin tops and spin shorts.

    You can try the Velocio bib for 30 days. If you're not satisfied, you can return it for a refund.


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