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  • Loss of funding for Afghan Women's Cycling Team

    We are DEVASTATED to learn that 2 major sponsors of the Afghan Women's National Cycling Team pulled funding, citing the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

    As Shannon writes in an essay on Adventure Journal:

    "[They] censored themselves and abandoned their social responsibility. Their company could have driven social change in a positive way, with a unique opportunity, as it once promised, but it didn’t. Rather, it let down a team of young women who are all too well-versed in disappointment and threats, and gave in to fear. The girls will get by, of course; a loss of funding hurts, but it pales compared to the threats they face every day."

    Shannon, whose nonprofit, Mountain 2 Mountain​, has been working to grow the team, spoke at Redbeard Bikes in the fall.

    We are proud that Liv Cycling USA remains a sponsor.

    If you believe, as we do, in the power of bicycles to change the world for the better, please share this post. And please reach out to Mountain 2 Mountain, if you are able to offer financial support.

    Photo credit: Deni Bechard via Adventure Journal

     --Kasia Nikhamina

  • Holiday Bundle: Redbeard Reads

    This year, Redbeard hosted book signing parties for a few very special books. Pick up a copy for everyone on your list at your favorite local bookshop! In our neighborhood, we recommend The PowerHouse Arena and BookCourt

    New York Bike Style by Sam Polcer
    We bet you know at least one of the people and/or bikes that Sam Polcer photographed for this beautiful book! And this Sunday, 12/21 (2-4pm), you can meet Sam and get an autographed copy at Ralpha Cycle Club NYC. More info here.

    Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave by Patty Chang Anker
    Riding a bike, diving, surfing, speaking in public -- Patty Chang Anker takes on her fears -- and yours -- in this funny, inspiring and down-to-earth account.

    Mountain to Mountain by Shannon Galpin
    Shannon Galpin's journey from Colorado to Afghanistan is full of surprises - including women and girls riding bikes -- racing, even! -- in one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

    Photo Credit: Priscilla Bargas

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