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    Photo Credit: Brian Hoo

    We're lining up some great rides for you this summer!

    As you know, every Sunday morning we ride up the West Side, over the GWB, and into Jersey...

    As the summer progresses, we'll be increasing our distance, working towards two goals: the NYC Century for Vision Zero on September 13th, and Bear Mountain (date TBD). Early bird registration for the NYC Century ends Monday, so sign up today!

    Sunday, 6/7 @ 8 AM
    Destination: The Market on 9W
    We'll stop for snacks and coffee at The Market, a cafe with outdoor seating, just 5 miles past the Ranger Station in Alpine, our usual turnaround point. Round-trip about 60 miles. Road bikes are best suited for this ride.

    **Note: There is a charity run on the GWB & River Road this Sunday. I'm hopeful the GWB bike path will be open. If it's closed, we'll swim. Just kidding. We'll play it by ear.

    Saturday, 6/13 @ 8 AM:
    Destination: Coney Island
    This is a social ride! All are welcome. We'll take you through the residential streets of Brooklyn out to the sea, with a stop for some Russian fare. Folks are welcome to hang out at the beach, or join us for a brisk return ride to DUMBO.

    Sunday, 6/14 @ 8 AM
    Destination: The Market on 9W
    In case you missed the previous week.
    **Note: On this day, there is a Rapha Women's coached ride with the amazing Tara Parsons. Focus on climbing and descending techniques. More info & RSVP here.

    Saturday, 6/20 @ 8 AM
    Destination: Jamaica Bay / Rockaways
    Details TBD.

    Sunday 6/21 @ 8 AM 
    Destination: Piermont (Gypsy Donut inside Piermont Bicycle Connection)
    We ride...so we can eat donuts. Right? Round-trip about 70 miles. Road bikes are best suited for this ride.

    General info:
    Our rides are generally no-drop rides. New riders: we are very encouraging! We regroup at various points along the way. Of course, you are welcome to cut out early, or split off, if our pace is too slow for you. If we have enough participants, we may split into A and B groups.

    7 AM: Brooklyn Roasting Company opens for breakfast.
    7:45 AM: Redbeard Bikes opens for last minute air, water & pre-ride stretches.
    8 AM: Wheels down!

    Please bring helmet, sunscreen, water, snacks, spare tube & flat fix kit. Rain cancels. RSVP appreciated but not required. Any questions, give us a shout.

    We hope you'll ride with us this summer!

    Photo Credit: Brian Hoo

  • Redbeard Sunday Shop Ride, 4/19 @ 8 AM

    Hard week? Treat yourself to a spring bicycle ride in good company. This Sunday, 4/19, join us for our shop ride, over the river and through the woods.

    We roll at 8 AM from Redbeard Bikes at 69 Jay Street. We'll take the Brooklyn Bridge => West Side Greenway/Riverside Drive => GWB => River Road to the Ranger Station. We'll return via 9W. Round-trip is about 50 miles.

    (The shop will be open @ 7:45 AM in case you need to fill up on air, water, or snacks. We may not have a mechanic on hand in the morning, so if your bike needs last-minute TLC, please visit us before Sunday.)

    You are welcome to cut out early, or forge ahead without us. Our ride is a no-drop ride, all are welcome!

    Here's last week's crew, paused on the West Side highway. We were having so much fun we missed our usual turnoff around 96th Street. But we made it to the Ranger Station anyway!

    Also: We are organizing a longer faster-paced ride on May 10th. Details coming soon! Please email us, redbeard@redbeardbikes.com, if you'd be interested in such a ride. Perfect for those doing the Gran Fondo the following week.
  • Sunday Shop Ride, 4/12

    Our shop ride is tomorrow!

    8 AM departure from Redbeard Bikes, about 50 miles roundtrip to River Road (Ranger Station turnaround). We had an awesome turnout last weekend and the forecast for tomorrow looks promising! Ours is a no-drop ride, all are welcome!

    We plan to ride every Sunday, barring rain or other extreme weather. Please check this blog or Facebook for any changes or cancellations.

  • Sunday Shop Ride to Piermont (3/29)

    Head's up: tomorrow's Sunday shop ride to Piermont is POSTPONED due to unseasonable cold. We'll try again next Sunday!

    Meanwhile, if your bike needs some TLC - or maybe just some fresh bar tape - visit us!

    The shop's open till 6pm tonight, tomorrow 1pm-6pm.

  • River Road (Henry Hudson Drive) Closures: 12/15/2014 - 2/6/2015

    Head's up:

    Per the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police: there are some River Road (Henry Hudson Drive) closures starting today, 12/15/2014 through 2/6/2015.

    See below for the full announcement, and follow @ParkwayPolice on Twitter for updates.

    As a result, we may have to re-route our Sunday rides to 9W (in lieu of River Road). As always, check here, on Facebook or Twitter for any changes to our shop rides.


    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has scheduled a major project to install new drainage systems for the George Washington Bridge anchorage. This work is scheduled to begin Monday, December 15, 2014, and to continue through the end of February 6th, 2015.* From Monday – Saturday during this time, Henry Hudson Drive will be CLOSED TO ALL USE from the Edgewater park entrance to Ross Dock Circle. Violators may be subject to prosecution.

    • For the duration of this project, automobile access to Englewood Picnic Area & Boat Basin and to Ross Dock Picnic Area will be
      from the Englewood Cliffs park entrance only. (Note that Henry Hudson Drive 
      is closed to automobiles for the
      from Alpine south to Englewood Cliffs.)
    • On Sundays only, if conditions permit, the closed section of the Drive will be reopened to pedestrians and cyclists only.
    • Except on Sundays, cyclists who are riding their bicycles must enter and exit Henry Hudson Drive via the Alpine park entrance only. (Cyclists are not permitted to use the Englewood Cliffs park entrance, unless they walk bicycles on the sidewalk along Dyckman Hill Road between the park entrance and Henry Hudson Drive. Violators are subject to prosecution.)

    *The dates for work on this project are subject to change without notice.

    Source: http://www.parkwaypolice.org/news-media/news-events/125-henry-hudson-drive-closure.html

  • What you missed this morning

    On nearly every Redbeard shop ride, we have in our midst someone who is riding River Road for the first time. We love experiencing it through their eyes - it keeps the whole thing new for us.

    Will it be you next Sunday?
  • Redbeard Ride to River Road

    Today we get the rain out of the way -- tomorrow we ride! Redbeard ride leaves at 7:30 AM! We will go up the West Side/Riverside, over
    the GWB, and up River Road (through the lovely woods) to the Ranger Station. We'll return via 9W.

    Ride with us! Together we go farther!

  • Crossing Gwyneth

    My phone autocorrects "GW" to "Gwyneth," so according to my texts, on Sunday I crossed Gwyneth twice!

    I've been talking to people about Gwyneth a lot lately, in the context of our Sunday morning shop ride, which goes over the George Washington Bridge, and up River Road. The bridge is a roadblock for a lot of people, with good reason. Pedestrians and cyclists in both directions share a narrow path. Sometimes there are dogs, and strollers. There are two blind spots on the bridge, and a hairpin turn on the entrance ramp on the Manhattan side. I honestly find it a bit nerve-wracking to get over the river, especially clipped in.

    But the reward is tremendous. On the other side, River Road winds along through the woods along the Hudson. There are very few cars, and many, many cyclists. After hundreds of Prospect Park laps, the hills of River Road are new and welcome. The birds sing as you get your heart rate up!

    If you've never crossed Gwyneth, we encourage you to join our shop ride (Sundays, 7:15 AM). We leave early to beat the West Side Greenway crowds.

    If you prefer, you can walk up the bridge ramp - ain't no shame in it! (By the way, clipless pedals are not required. We'll talk about why they're helpful in a future post.)

    Once we're off the bridge, you will find yourself relaxing and smiling - guaranteed. You will even forgive the occasional chipmunk that darts out into the road, grazing your wheel. It's THAT nice out there.

    And speaking of being brave: our friend, author Patty Chang Angker, still has a few spots left in her Some Nerve retreat on July 26-27. Patty recently overcame her fear of riding a bike, and did the Five Boro Bike Tour and the Discover Hudson Valley ride (both held by Bike New York). Check it out! If this wasn't busy season, I'd go in a heartbeat.

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