• Update: Track World Cup

    Congratulations to Missy Erickson, Team USA, for taking the bronze medal in the Women's Keirin at #TrackWCupCali!!! Check out the final race:

    Full results from the weekend can be found here and replays of the finals are now up on YouTube's UCI Channel.

  • Track World Cup in Cali, Colombia

    The UCI Track Cycling World Cup is happening this weekend in Cali, Colombia!

    Racing starts tonight. We are rooting for Missy Erickson of Team USA Cycling. Erickson is the current U.S. Sprint & Keirin Elite National Champion and a 5-time National Champion.

    Track cycling is so much fun to watch! We feel the suspense and thrill of it comes across even in video. In particular, check out the team sprints.

    Check out this clip from one of Erickson's training sessions:

    Unfortunately, live coverage of the races doesn't start till Sunday (4-7pm) on the UCI channel on YouTube, but you can follow on Instagram & Twitter: @TrackWCupCali.

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