My Gunnar Sport AKA the K Train

My Gunnar Sport AKA the K Train
Words and photos by Kasia Nikhamina

Saturday night after a super busy day at the shop, I sailed home through the Park on my red Gunnar Sport.

Instead of the usual raccoons, there were people in fancy white dress crossing the road in twos and threes, fours and sixes. Giddy costumed people, dispersing like droplets of rain from the PopUp Dinner. Approaching them, I slowed.

My Gunnar, slows down beautifully. I can't explain it. I suppose that's the magic of building a bike to handle a certain way. Anyway, I'm standing on my awesome huge pedals, coasting, my dress wilted in the humidity.

From the middle of the road, they call to me: “We're sorry! We're a bit drunk! Thank you for not running us over!”

“Of course!” I call to them. “I would have liked, to go that party, too.”

I hear them giggling. I sail down the hill.


I call my Gunnar the K train because it takes me where I want to go.

I wanted a practical bike to haul groceries, library books, and maybe one day...a baby. I never expected it to be this much fun!

On my Gunnar, I'm flying, and directing a brass band, all at once. It serves as my super commuter, but it's also my boogie bike.

Any bike is greater than the sum of its parts, but a few things are essential to the K train. 

The wide range of gearing means I can power up any Brooklyn hill (or bridge) weighed down with groceries, without breaking much of a sweat. I have only a rear derailleur, so shifting is easy - click up or click down - so I can save my attention for the cars...and all the Prospect Park revelers. 

I always joke that the Tubus rack lets me carry twice my weight (like an ant). 

The Speedplay Drilliums are my favorite pedals ever. They are grippy without cutting up my shoes and shins. I get a lot of power with each pedal stroke, and it's super fun to stand up on them. Like surfing.

Did I mention the Spurcycle bell? I like to announce myself, this bell is my voice on the road. Sometimes if there's a car in the bike lane, I'll pause a safe distance behind it, and ring my bell until the car moves. Once a driver came running out of a deli on Vanderbilt, apologizing profusely, and moved his car out of the bike lane.


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Gunnar on the Ocean Parkway Greenway.
And she reads!

Brooklyn Taj in the rain.
Red is faster.
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