Crossing Gwyneth

My phone autocorrects "GW" to "Gwyneth," so according to my texts, on Sunday I crossed Gwyneth twice!

I've been talking to people about Gwyneth a lot lately, in the context of our Sunday morning shop ride, which goes over the George Washington Bridge, and up River Road. The bridge is a roadblock for a lot of people, with good reason. Pedestrians and cyclists in both directions share a narrow path. Sometimes there are dogs, and strollers. There are two blind spots on the bridge, and a hairpin turn on the entrance ramp on the Manhattan side. I honestly find it a bit nerve-wracking to get over the river, especially clipped in.

But the reward is tremendous. On the other side, River Road winds along through the woods along the Hudson. There are very few cars, and many, many cyclists. After hundreds of Prospect Park laps, the hills of River Road are new and welcome. The birds sing as you get your heart rate up!

If you've never crossed Gwyneth, we encourage you to join our shop ride (Sundays, 7:15 AM). We leave early to beat the West Side Greenway crowds.

If you prefer, you can walk up the bridge ramp - ain't no shame in it! (By the way, clipless pedals are not required. We'll talk about why they're helpful in a future post.)

Once we're off the bridge, you will find yourself relaxing and smiling - guaranteed. You will even forgive the occasional chipmunk that darts out into the road, grazing your wheel. It's THAT nice out there.

And speaking of being brave: our friend, author Patty Chang Angker, still has a few spots left in her Some Nerve retreat on July 26-27. Patty recently overcame her fear of riding a bike, and did the Five Boro Bike Tour and the Discover Hudson Valley ride (both held by Bike New York). Check it out! If this wasn't busy season, I'd go in a heartbeat.

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