Redbeard Bikes Ladies' Night Flight

Ladies - you know who you are. To you -- the bicycle is freedom! You don't ride -- you fly. (See poster below.)

Sure, your bike takes you from Point A to Point B. But sometimes you want Point Z.

Z for Zen.

Point Z is -- ready? -- Prospect Park at night. It's New York City's best kept secret -- along with a few cafes I cannot name here, lest Time Out New York writes about them.

And on Thursday nights - you too can go there. Because Thursday night is the Redbeard Bikes Ladies' Night Flight.

We meet on Grand Army Plaza at the entrance to the Park. We usually do 3 laps, though you are welcome to peel off early or stay longer.

All ladies, all bikes, all styles, all riding levels are welcome! We'll talk about bikes. And life. We'll listen to the crickets, and look out for raccoons. We will ride through the winter -- although heavy rain, snow, or ice cancels. (We'll play it by ear; check Facebook for latest status update.)


  • A front and rear light for your bike (available at Redbeard Bikes).
  • A desire to ride in company.
  • No apologies about your speed!

P.S. Please tag photos #redbeardbikes and #ladieswhofly!

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