RoseMary's Picks

We couldn't fit all our favorite things on our official Holiday Gift List, so we've put together a few holiday gift bundles around different themes.

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"My Redbeard picks are all beautiful, hardy, and functional cycling accessories that will make me look hotter, ride faster, and ring in the New Year a little louder this year!"

Brooks Swallow Saddle. Last week I made the mistake of test riding a Lynskey with the Brooks Swallow on it, so now I have bike fever, and my sit bones have found love at first flight. Santa, please? $240

Abus Futura Mini 64 U-Lock. I love the way the keys glide and click into this lock, no tumblers moving in opposite directions like in my
rusty old Kryptonite lock. It is also super lightweight, and quite slick-looking. $90

Giro Civila Shoes. I love the look of vintage cycling shoes so much that I will often ride around in orthopedic grandma shoes just because they look similar.  With the Giro Civila I can ride in style without faking it! $150

Giro Seasonal Wool Socks. Because, wool. $16

Velocio Short-Sleeve Jersey, White Stripes. Velocio makes the softest, and most flattering women's cycling apparel available. I always feel super confident when I am in their gear. The Velocio stripes jersey is a must for any woman who wants to look hot and ride fast!  $159

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Pedals. These pedals have a sleek modern shape that will look good on any of my bikes, and they are a perfect match for the Giro Civila shoes. $80

Spurcycle Bell, Raw. Cyclists in New York City are required by law to have bells on their bicycles. This bell is the best bell, loud, pretty, durable, and it fits neatly on my dash. $39


Photo Credit: Priscilla Bargas

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