Safer Streets Coming to DUMBO!

We are thrilled that NYC DOT will make some major improvements in DUMBO this summer! Our neighborhood streets desperately need these changes.

DUMBO BID summarizes the plan on its blog; here's a summary. Check out DOT's full presentation (from a recent Community Board 2 meeting) here. Streetsblog as always has excellent coverage.

We hope this is just the beginning. Got ideas for further improvements? Share them in the comments.

York St & Washington St:
Build concrete sidewalk extension on southeast. Mark parking lanes and bike route. Potentially add parking to the south curb.

Front St & Pearl St:
Concrete neckdown at southeast corner. New granite paver crosswalk across Pearl St.

York St & Pearl St:
Extended sidewalk space and creation of pedestrian island. New granite paver crosswalks across York St.

Jay St & Prospect St:
Large concrete curb extensions and neckdowns. New Crosswalk across Jay St. Two-way bike lane between Prospect and York and improved bike facilities between York and John St. (these elements are part of the Jay Street Corridor re-imagining project)


A photo from the NYC DOT presentation.

--Kasia Nikhamina

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