An Absolute Beginner: Bike Exercises

A newbie's commentary on cycling in New York City.
My bike fitter says hip flexor exercises lessen cyclists' lower back pain.

I have a little personal rule: I can have one of those Dough donuts they sell at Brooklyn Roasting Company only if I commute to work. If I don't commute, no donut. These past few days of snow and slush have been particularly daunting. I'd like to ride, but I'm resigned to wait until the roads are better.

Since I'm not commuting, I've decided to work out at home to earn that donut. I realized this was the perfect time to incorporate bike exercises into my routine. For several weeks I've been neglecting the cycling exercises recommended by Redbeard Bikes. Check out our Exercising for Cyclists page; it outlines exercises that improve the fit of your bike. Even if you're not on the road, you can set yourself up for a better ride once you're back in the saddle. 


--Krista Christophe
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