The Armchair Cyclist

With the temperatures in the teens, we're armchair cyclists this weekend. Happily, there are some awesome bike-touring pieces out there. Dive in!

Road Tripping India: words by Caz Whitehead; photos by Caz Whitehead and Andy Rogers, on the Australian site, Cycling Tips. Whitehead and Rogers are based in Melbourne, Australia. We've been following them on Instagram for some time. It's always inspiring to see their photos from the day's riding, as we are just waking up and saddling up for our own rides!

Our friends Dmitry and Mila Gudkov are in India right now, touring on Bromptons! They're keeping an awesome blog, Our Life Unfolded, and you can also follow them on Instagram. Prior to India, they toured Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Keys to Freeze: six friends riding from Florida to Alaska. They hit the road on February 25th; Megan Healy will be sharing their story on Pretty. Damned. Fast. Check out the first installment

Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov, Our Life Unfolded

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