• We're a Giant PRO Dealer

    Redbeard Bikes is proud to announce that this year, we are a Giant P.R.O. (Premium Race Offering) Dealer - one of two in NYC!

    Giant makes some awesome high-performing carbon race bikes that look great, too.

    Certain top-of-the-line models that are only available through a P.R.O. Dealer such as Redbeard. These bikes are built in limited quantities, so if you're dreaming about one, come see us today.

    Here's a quick list of the bikes that fall into the Premium Race Offering category:

    Propel Advanced SL 0
    Propel Advanced SL 1
    Propel Advanced SL 2
    TCR Advanced SL 1
    TCR Advanced SL 2
    Defy Advanced SL 0
    Defy Advanced SL 1
    Avail Advanced SL 0
    Avail Advanced SL 1


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