Coming Soon: Brompton Black Editions

Today Brompton announces a very special limited edition Brompton: the Black Edition.

Black Edition Bromptons feature exclusive black components (instead of the usual silver). Brompton is only making 5,000 of these bikes, and they are only available from select dealers in the United States.

Redbeard Bikes is expecting a shipment in early April. Yes, we're taking pre-orders! To reserve yours, please call us at (718) 858-2453 or email

Chief Executive Officer, Will Butler-Adams OBE says of the Black Edition: “One of my favorite things to do is to cycle through cities at night, the roads are often quieter and you see a different side to city life, lit up against the backdrop of the dark sky. City life at night was the inspiration behind the Black Edition, we were keen to try a sleek matte black Brompton mixed with pops of bright color, as well as the full black effect.”

Like all Brompton bicycles, the limited Black Edition model is painstakingly hand made in Brompton’s London factory, brazed and made to exacting specifications and standards. They are available in the S, M and H bar types with two or six speeds, in black, white, berry crush, lime green, and lagoon blue. The bikes start at $1458.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who ride and love Bromptons, and those who have not yet discovered them. If you don't have one yet, get yourself to Redbeard Bikes for a test ride! This bike opens doors, and windows, and all the roads.

Brompton Black Edition from Brompton Bicycle on Vimeo.




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