Shorts Weather + Sunday Shop Ride

It's finally shorts weather in New York City!

Hours this weekend:

Saturday, April 4: 11am-6pm
Sunday, April 5: 1pm-6pm

Join us on Sunday, April 5th, for our shop ride over the river and through the woods. We roll at 8 AM from Redbeard Bikes. (The shop will be open @ 7:45 AM in case you need to fill up on air, water, or snacks. We may not have a mechanic on hand in the morning, so if your bike needs TLC, please visit us today.)

We plan to take the Brooklyn Bridge => West Side Greenway/Riverside Drive => GWB => 9W to the Ranger Station. We need to be back in DUMBO by 12:30, so we may need to turn around early -- it all depends on those legs! You are welcome to return with us, or keep going.

We start spring hours on Monday, April 6th!

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 10am-8pm.
Saturday/Sunday 11am-6pm.

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