Why Clipless? An Interactive Workshop

Have you ever wondered about clipless pedals? Why would someone want to attach themselves to the bike by their feet?

Join us on Tuesday, May 26, at 8 PM, at Redbeard Bikes for a fun, interactive workshop on this very topic!

We'll cover:
+ What are clipless pedals?
+ What are cleats?
+ Different kinds of pedals and shoes
+ Advantages of riding clipless
+ Shoes/pedals and bike fit

We'll address any questions and reservations you may have about riding clipless, and you'll get the chance to practice clipping in and out on a trainer.

Anyone who buys pedals and shoes at Redbeard Bikes, gets to practice on the trainer before they roll out! However, we know the shop can be a hectic place, especially on a spring or summer weekend. So, if you've been considering clipless pedals, we encourage you to bring your bicycle to the workshop. We can set you up with pedals and shoes that night.

Space is limited; please RSVP to kasia@redbeardbikes.com.

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