Beat the rain!

 Kasia endures the rain with grace.               Kasia endures the rain with grace by taking a Prospect Park selfie.

It's the second rainiest week of 2015 (so far) here in New York. I asked the Redbeard crew for some tips on making a rainy ride as pleasant as possible. Wearing rain gear like rain pants and a rain jacket (the Oxygen 2.0 Gore-Tex Active Jacket is a reliable choice) is essential, but below are some other things that will make for a better ride in the rain.

1. Take your time. Your brakes don't work as well when they're wet; you're more likely to spin out in rainy weather. Taking it slow keeps you safe and aware. 

2. Fenders. Protect your posterior from precipitation with a simple fender like the SKS S-Blade or the Planet Bike Flipper. Clip-on fenders are great for road bikes. Full coverage fenders are more practical for hybrid bikes and cruisers. 

3. Lower tire pressure. With a little less tire pressure, your tires achieve better grip. Just be sure not to let too much go; you don't want a pinch flat! 

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