Redbeard Ride to Brewster, NY on 8/30

We are planning a small group ride to Brewster in Putnam County, NY, on Sunday, August 30th!

Participation is capped at 8 riders; please RSVP to

Please let us know whether you have a Metro-North bike pass. If you don't have one, you can buy it from us ($5).

  • Meet at the VanCortland Park-242nd Street subway stop off the 1 train (time TBD).
  • Ride 2.5 miles to the bike path in Yonkers. 
  • Once we are on the bike path it will be about 47 miles to Brewster. The Metro North has a train station in Brewster for those who want to go back. Possible longer return routes include: riding back to Pleasantville and taking the Metro North back (for a round-trip of 77 miles) OR riding all the way back to VanCortland Park (97 miles)!
  • Please bring a debit card and/ or cash for the train ride back. Note that MetroNorth requires a bike pass if you're bringing your bike on board.
  • There are a few stops on the way including a convenience store/gas station and a Starbucks for snacks and refuel. But folks should bring some snacks and drinks. 
  • The ride has a slight incline on the way there, about 50ft -- for those who want to make it an almost-century it would be a good one to do since the ride has almost no climbs, and the return route is a slight descent the whole way.
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