Afghan Cycles: Breaking Barriers on Two Wheels


Our friend Shannon Galpin shares the trailer of Afghan Cycles, a fantastic feature length documentary about a new generation of young Afghan women pushing gender and cultural barriers by riding bicycles.

These women are using the bicycle as a vehicle for freedom and social change. The 
Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan has taken shape over the last few years, but women cycling remains a taboo in the country. Although cycling is not technically illegal for women in Afghanistan, it is viewed in the same light as morality crimes for which Afghan women can be incarcerated.

Despite these great challenges, women's club teams are forming in Kabul and the countryside. Afghan Cycles captures the stories of these dynamic Afghan women, ages sixteen to twenty-two. They need your help to spread word of their incredible journeys.

Watch the Kickstarter video and the trailer, donate if you can, and share with your people! 

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