Redbeard Ride to Bear Mountain

Saturday, October 10th, is the new date for the Redbeard ride to Bear Mountain!

Graydon Kolk of Kissena Cycling and Anti/Anti (our awesome designers) will co-lead the ride with Kasia or Ilya.

The weather will likely be cooler and the leaves will be spectacular!

We'd love for you to join us on this challenging but rewarding adventure. Since it's a 100-miles with climbing, we do have a few prerequisites. Riders should:

  • have ridden at least 75 miles in the past three months
  • be comfortable riding close to others in a group, and drafting (we'll work together to conserve energy)
  • know how to eat and drink to keep up your energy on a long ride

Don't worry - we won't be riding at race pace, and we will be stopping periodically for food and water. But we do need to average 13-14 miles per hour in order to make it home before dark!

Meet at Redbeard Bikes @ 6 AM. Roll at 6:30 AM. It will take us roughly 5 - 5.5. hours to get there, so please plan for an 11+ hour day.

Please RSVP to We will reach out closer to the ride date, with a route map, tips on nutrition, details about food stops, and train options (for those wishing to return home via Metronorth).

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