We are excited to be a part of two new shop-local initiatives here in DUMBO!

First, some of you may have scored a #DUMBOVIP card in the past week or two.

Do you live or work in DUMBO? Well then–you’re a #DUMBOVIP. And to celebrate you, we’ve created a #DUMBOVIP card, offered exclusively to those who call DUMBO home–either by day or by night. This card entitles you to promotions at restaurants, shops, venues–basically any place with a door in DUMBO. Promotions are listed below. These are updated and added to throughout the year, so be sure to check back here occasionally. Be sure to Tag your #DUMBOVIP #ShopSmall experience @DUMBOBID on Instagram for a chance to win DUMBO-rific prizes.

So, what does the #DUMBOVIP card get you at Redbeard Bikes?

A gift card* to customers who spend $250 in a single visit.

These cards will be worth 10% off their next purchase; may be used 30 days after date of issue; expire March 1, 2016.

*Note: Redbeard Bikes is green! This will be an electronic gift card. No paper, no hassle.

Second, starting October 1 and running through the winter holidays, most shops in DUMBO will stay open till 9 PM...including Redbeard Bikes. Why? Because it's hard to get your shopping done, if everything's closed by the time you get out of work!

Take your #DUMBOVIP card out on a #DUMBObk date one of these Thursday nights and get your shopping done on your terms.


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