Bromptoberfest 2015: Saturday, October 10th

 Ilya + Peter at last week's Brompton race in Richmond

Peter up at NYCeWheels on the Upper East Side invites us all to Bromptoberfest 2015, a #BromptonNYC event.

What is Bromptoberfest?! Writes Peter:

It's a silly celebration of Bromptons, Bratwurst, and Beers at one of Queens' coolest restaurants Max Bratwurst Und Bier. Renny - the owner of Max's - is a good friend of ours and is hooking us up with a private party room, a German Polka band, and - wait for it - a MAGICIAN! Come on. When's the last time you saw a live magician? I haven't in years...

When: Saturday, October 10th @ 3 PM

Where: Maxs Bratwurst Und Bier, 4702 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Tickets: $10/person

More details & RSVP here.

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