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  • Wednesday Round-Up: Juno Edition

    Starting today, we'll bring you a weekly round-up of interesting bike stuff...every Wednesday!

    In Vision Zero news: an illuminating interview with Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives: On the Radical Idea that Cars Shouldn't Kill. Paul tells it like it is: "If a driver injures someone while committing a traffic violation it’s still an “oops” moment here in New York. Cops don’t investigate the crash scene. DAs, even when the evidence is there, aren’t pursuing meaningful charges. We still just don’t have that social stigma and cultural realization that driving is an extraordinarily grave undertaking. That when you get behind the wheel you absolutely are responsible."

    Another kind of zero: Velocio ZERO Bibtights got a sweet review in Bicycling Magazine. ("And isn’t that why you buy good cycling clothing? To be comfortable to the point that you don’t think about it.") Last we checked, Redbeard Bikes is the only shop in the city to carry Velocio cycling apparel for women.

    Registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour opened this week. The Tour happens Sunday, May 3, 2015. It's the world's biggest charitable bike ride! Proceeds from the Tour support Bike New York's awesome free bike education programs.

    Missy Erickson's first-hand account of the Track Cycling World Cup in Cali, Colombia last weekend. She brought home the bronze in the women's keirin race for Team USA!

    DUMBO BID featured us in its newsletter and on the blog: Winter Cycling Tips from the Redbeard Bikes Pros.

    Want to learn how to ride safely in a group? NYCC offers a formal training program for riders of all levels. Check out Spring Training with NYCC. Registration opens 2/11. If you've done this program, we're curious if you liked it!

    Reminder: all Redbeard shop rides are on hiatus till around March 15th. Our no-drop rides are another great opportunity to pick up some group riding skills and meet other cyclists. Save the date!

    Missy Erickson on the podium at the Track World Cup in Cali, Colombia.

  • Update: Juno Snow Day

    Update: the shop is closed today, Tuesday, 1/27. Enjoy the snow day!

    Wednesday is our usual day off, so we'll be back on Thursday (12-7pm).

    Time-sensitive inquiries: please email redbeard@redbeardbikes.com

  • Blizzard in NYC

    The shop opens at 12pm today (as usual). We may close early due to the blizzard, so please call ahead (718) 858-2453. We expect to be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/27) if there is significant snow accumulation. Stay safe out there!

    Also: head's up that all our shop rides are on hiatus till around March 15th.

    Kasia's Lynskey in Prospect Park - the day before the blizzard.

  • Update: Redbeard Shop Rides

    All our shop rides are on hiatus for the winter. We plan to resume around March 15th.

    Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates. If you'd like to receive emails about rides, please send a note to kasia@redbeardbikes.com.

    Of course - we encourage you to keep riding! For advice about riding through the winter, visit the shop! We'll deck out your bike with fenders, winter tires, etc., dress you in windproof, waterproof gear, and teach you how to ride safely.

  • TD Five Boro Bike Tour: Registration open!

    Registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour opens Tuesday, 1/20 at 12 PM (noon) EST!

    The Tour is on Sunday, May 3, 2015. It's the world's biggest charitable bike ride! Proceeds from the Tour support Bike New York's awesome free bike education programs.

    Visit www.bike.nyc for more info.

    P. S. Redbeard Bikes will be showing Bromptons at the Bike New York Expo on Friday, May 1, and Saturday, May 2. The Expo is free and open to all. Visit our booth even if you're not riding the Tour!

  • Let’s talk seriously about why cyclists break traffic laws

    Super interesting piece in the Washington Post yesterday.

    "If I’m sitting at a red light next to a bunch of cars, and there are no cars crossing, I’ll go through the red light to establish myself in the street in the next block, because I feel like I’m safer doing that." [...] because it feels less dangerous to get out ahead of traffic than to fight for space on a road with no bike lane at the moment when the light turns green. Marshall [...] suspects, though, that many drivers may not understand this thought process — that seemingly bad biking behavior is sometimes an act of self-defense."


  • River Road (Henry Hudson Drive) Closures: 12/15/2014 - 2/6/2015

    Head's up:

    Per the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police: there are some River Road (Henry Hudson Drive) closures starting today, 12/15/2014 through 2/6/2015.

    See below for the full announcement, and follow @ParkwayPolice on Twitter for updates.

    As a result, we may have to re-route our Sunday rides to 9W (in lieu of River Road). As always, check here, on Facebook or Twitter for any changes to our shop rides.


    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has scheduled a major project to install new drainage systems for the George Washington Bridge anchorage. This work is scheduled to begin Monday, December 15, 2014, and to continue through the end of February 6th, 2015.* From Monday – Saturday during this time, Henry Hudson Drive will be CLOSED TO ALL USE from the Edgewater park entrance to Ross Dock Circle. Violators may be subject to prosecution.

    • For the duration of this project, automobile access to Englewood Picnic Area & Boat Basin and to Ross Dock Picnic Area will be
      from the Englewood Cliffs park entrance only. (Note that Henry Hudson Drive 
      is closed to automobiles for the
      from Alpine south to Englewood Cliffs.)
    • On Sundays only, if conditions permit, the closed section of the Drive will be reopened to pedestrians and cyclists only.
    • Except on Sundays, cyclists who are riding their bicycles must enter and exit Henry Hudson Drive via the Alpine park entrance only. (Cyclists are not permitted to use the Englewood Cliffs park entrance, unless they walk bicycles on the sidewalk along Dyckman Hill Road between the park entrance and Henry Hudson Drive. Violators are subject to prosecution.)

    *The dates for work on this project are subject to change without notice.

    Source: http://www.parkwaypolice.org/news-media/news-events/125-henry-hudson-drive-closure.html

  • Redbeard Bikes 2015 Holiday Gift List!

    Check out are our favorite products and bits going into 2015. These are the little things that make cycling a genuine pleasure.

    For the folks that wish to go from A to B in style, with gusto, and with a giant grin.

    Everything in this collection is tried, tested, and loved.

    We've also put it up on Facebook so you can share it near and far!


  • Our Life Unfolded: Thailand a la Brompton

    Our friends and Redbeard regulars, Dmitry & Mila, are riding their Bromptons in Thailand Follow their adventures on Our Life Unfolded on Facebook & Instagram. May their photos sustain us throughout this wintry week!

    Thinking about traveling with your Brompton? Check out these tips from Dmitry & Mila.

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