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  • Beat the rain!

     Kasia endures the rain with grace.               Kasia endures the rain with grace by taking a Prospect Park selfie.

    It's the second rainiest week of 2015 (so far) here in New York. I asked the Redbeard crew for some tips on making a rainy ride as pleasant as possible. Wearing rain gear like rain pants and a rain jacket (the Oxygen 2.0 Gore-Tex Active Jacket is a reliable choice) is essential, but below are some other things that will make for a better ride in the rain.

    1. Take your time. Your brakes don't work as well when they're wet; you're more likely to spin out in rainy weather. Taking it slow keeps you safe and aware. 

    2. Fenders. Protect your posterior from precipitation with a simple fender like the SKS S-Blade or the Planet Bike Flipper. Clip-on fenders are great for road bikes. Full coverage fenders are more practical for hybrid bikes and cruisers. 

    3. Lower tire pressure. With a little less tire pressure, your tires achieve better grip. Just be sure not to let too much go; you don't want a pinch flat! 

  • Update: Redbeard Shop Rides

    All our shop rides are on hiatus for the winter. We plan to resume around March 15th.

    Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates. If you'd like to receive emails about rides, please send a note to kasia@redbeardbikes.com.

    Of course - we encourage you to keep riding! For advice about riding through the winter, visit the shop! We'll deck out your bike with fenders, winter tires, etc., dress you in windproof, waterproof gear, and teach you how to ride safely.

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