• Helmets, Not Fedoras

    A helmet is no fedora. Does yours fit right? Check out tips from Redbeard & others, via Velojoy. This is a good read for both gals and guys.

    Speaking of helmets: it's a good idea to replace yours every two to three years. The helmet deteriorates with use; sun and sweat break down the foam. And your helmet naturally takes some abuse in the course of daily life. Here at Redbeard we have lots of light, airy helmets that will keep you cool AND safe this summer. Come on down and try a Kask, Giro, Uvex or POC.

    Pinterest board via Velojoy.

  • Safer Streets Coming to DUMBO!

    We are thrilled that NYC DOT will make some major improvements in DUMBO this summer! Our neighborhood streets desperately need these changes.

    DUMBO BID summarizes the plan on its blog; here's a summary. Check out DOT's full presentation (from a recent Community Board 2 meeting) here. Streetsblog as always has excellent coverage.

    We hope this is just the beginning. Got ideas for further improvements? Share them in the comments.

    York St & Washington St:
    Build concrete sidewalk extension on southeast. Mark parking lanes and bike route. Potentially add parking to the south curb.

    Front St & Pearl St:
    Concrete neckdown at southeast corner. New granite paver crosswalk across Pearl St.

    York St & Pearl St:
    Extended sidewalk space and creation of pedestrian island. New granite paver crosswalks across York St.

    Jay St & Prospect St:
    Large concrete curb extensions and neckdowns. New Crosswalk across Jay St. Two-way bike lane between Prospect and York and improved bike facilities between York and John St. (these elements are part of the Jay Street Corridor re-imagining project)


    A photo from the NYC DOT presentation.

    --Kasia Nikhamina

  • Let’s talk seriously about why cyclists break traffic laws

    Super interesting piece in the Washington Post yesterday.

    "If I’m sitting at a red light next to a bunch of cars, and there are no cars crossing, I’ll go through the red light to establish myself in the street in the next block, because I feel like I’m safer doing that." [...] because it feels less dangerous to get out ahead of traffic than to fight for space on a road with no bike lane at the moment when the light turns green. Marshall [...] suspects, though, that many drivers may not understand this thought process — that seemingly bad biking behavior is sometimes an act of self-defense."


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