• Film Screening and Talk with Round-the-World Cyclist Julian Sayarer

    photo by @Julian_Sayarer

    Our friends at Recycle-A-Bicycle are hosting an event next week. 

    Julian Sayarer, who circumnavigated the globe by bicycle, will be holding a free talk on Thursday, September 24, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 1 Washington Place (5th floor student lounge) after a film screening of Changing Gears, a short film about five young Londoners who cycle to Brighton.

    Julian Sayarer is a round-the-world cyclist. Sayarer is featured in the film, a 20 minute short film, showing the journey of five young Londoners as they cycle from London to Brighton. Having never met before, and each from different backgrounds and life stories, the film is a look at the transformative potential of the bicycle in bringing people together and breaking down barriers. It gives insight into the sense of freedom and independence young people gain from a bicycle in a city, the worries and problems they face growing up there, and how they react to new geographies outside London.

     Click here for tickets. 

  • Where I Rode This Summer: Manca, Brompton

    Manca shares photos from her trip to Croatia with her Brompton.

    When you have a bicycle, you are never alone. 

    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia,
    photo by Manca W. 


     Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 


    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 
    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 


    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 


    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 


    Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 
     Vrboska, Island of Hvar, Croatia
    photo by Manca W. 


  • NYC Century Bike Tour

    Kasia and Eva prepping for the NYC Century Bike Tour in 2014

    The NYC Century Bike Tour is less than a month away!

    The 26th Annual NYC Century Bike Tour is a great opportunity to experience the best of New York City through cycling. Enjoy breathtaking vistas and miles of bike lanes from the Rockaways to Riverdale.

    Register with code "Redbeard10" to save $10 on registration! Use this link.

    The Official Ride Guide is Here!

    All proceeds from the Century go to support Transportation Alternatives' advocacy for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

    NYC Century Bike Tour
    Sunday, 9/13
    Starting points in Central Park and Prospect Park
    Ride length: 35, 55, 75, or 100 miles
    Multiple start times based on chosen tour length

  • Special Event: Our Life Unfolded, 8/14

    Join us Friday, 8/14 @ 8 PM @ Redbeard Bikes for an evening of photos & stories with Dmitry & Mila of Our Life Unfolded. They've been riding Bromptons through Asia & Europe since November!

    Please RSVP to info@redbeardbikes.com.

  • Dylan Rides RAGBRAI!

    Our friend Dylan is taking part in the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. RAGBRAI is a seven day ride across the state, organized by The Des Moines Register. Check out the highlights of his journey so far! Follow him on Twitter.


    Halfway point for the day


    Seeking sponsorship from Brompton and Dr. Pepper


    Tiny Brompton fits beautifully in Dylan's tiny tent. 


    Riders as far as you can see


    Rear tire dip in Missouri River (front wheel in Mississippi River on Saturday)
  • The Armchair Cyclist

    With the temperatures in the teens, we're armchair cyclists this weekend. Happily, there are some awesome bike-touring pieces out there. Dive in!
  • Portland, OR to Fairfax, CA

    Tayler Wiles of the Velocio-SRAM Pro Cycling team writes about her recent adventure. She rode from Portland, OR to Fairfax, CA, camping along the way.

    Her blog post is quite long...but then so is the road! The photographs are guaranteed to inspire you to embark on your own two-wheeled road trip.

    Tayler shares essentials from each leg of the journey -- yummy food stops and good camping grounds. 

    Read her story here.

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