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  • Riding With the Wind: Martha Bear Dallis

    Martha Bear Dallis

    During her first season of cycling this year, Martha Bear Dallis, 57, accidentally wore her helmet backwards on a ride. Distracted by turtles, she forgot to unclip her cycling shoes from her pedals and fell over on another rider. She accidentally deleted Strava data, which, to anyone who uses Strava, knows the sinking feeling of loss that comes with such erasure.

    Still, like so many cyclists who experience setbacks, Martha keeps riding.

    “The one thing about biking is that you have to give yourself a break,” Martha said. She and her husband, David Dallis, live in Brooklyn and Kingston, and the two of them are upstate weekend warriors.

     Martha Bear Dallis

    Martha works to promote wellness in corporations. It has been said that sitting is the new smoking. She made a goal last winter not only to improve her own wellness, but also to be able to keep up with David. 

    “It’s not about a number on a scale; it’s not about a dress size. I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m biking because I want to be able to be strong,” Martha said.
    After spending time on trainer over the winter, she began cycling outdoors in the spring. She rode on her bottom-of-the-line bicycle, which was heavy, had flat platform pedals, and was a little outdated.

    One day, David surprised her with a Liv Avail Advanced 1. Martha compared riding her new bike to driving a Porsche. Riding an inexpensive bike, though she didn’t think much of it, turned out to be a disservice.

    “They’re just not great. You’re missing the mechanical advantage,” Martha said. “I need as much mechanical advantage as possible because that helps me get stronger.”

    Martha Bear Dallis

    Equipped with the physics of a high-end road bike, she could focus on having more fun and learning to deal with different riding conditions.

    “It’s a big math puzzle,” she said. “Wind velocity is like having another person on the road with you.”

    If you find yourself upstate near Kingston, Martha recommends her favorite ride: Hurley Mountain. The ride starts in Kingston, and heads into farmland. The half-way point is Davenport Farms. Fill your water bottle with fresh, ice-cold water from the same reservoir that supplies NYC with drinking water before heading onward.

    Martha Bear Dallis

    “My face gets all red, and I completely sweat, and I just don’t care. Every time you go out, it’s hard. That’s the thing about riding, is you go out, and it’s hard. There’s a magical thing that happens when you start to ride,” she said. “You’re gliding.”

    Martha Bear Dallis



    Rebecca Bratburd is an NYC based journalist. She writes the cycling blog Demystifying Women's Cycling

    Sam Polcer is an NYC based photographer. He is the author and photographer of the Preferred Mode blog.  

  • Afghan Cycles: Breaking Barriers on Two Wheels


    Our friend Shannon Galpin shares the trailer of Afghan Cycles, a fantastic feature length documentary about a new generation of young Afghan women pushing gender and cultural barriers by riding bicycles.

    These women are using the bicycle as a vehicle for freedom and social change. The 
    Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan has taken shape over the last few years, but women cycling remains a taboo in the country. Although cycling is not technically illegal for women in Afghanistan, it is viewed in the same light as morality crimes for which Afghan women can be incarcerated.

    Despite these great challenges, women's club teams are forming in Kabul and the countryside. Afghan Cycles captures the stories of these dynamic Afghan women, ages sixteen to twenty-two. They need your help to spread word of their incredible journeys.

    Watch the Kickstarter video and the trailer, donate if you can, and share with your people! 

  • Velocio Trunkshow

    photo by @velocioapparel

    Meet Kristy Scrymgeour, co-founder of Velocio, and check out the brand's hot new cycling apparel for women. This is your chance to try on every style and color. Treat yourself to a new cycling outfit (or two or three) for stylish autumn riding.

    Yes, we'll have wine, and yes, we'll answer all your questions about bibs!

    When: Wednesday, September 23; doors open @ 6:30 PM; trunk show starts @ 7 PM
    Where: Redbeard Bikes, 69 Jay St. in DUMBO 

    Tell us you're coming! RSVP on Facebook or via email: velocio@redbeardbikes.com

  • Bikes For All Women. Liv 2016 Is Here!

    All women, all sizes: Liv road bikes and riders, in DUMBO
    photo by Sam Polcer

    Redbeard Bikes carries the full size range of Liv women's carbon and aluminum road bikes, as well as city and casual bikes. Ladies -- that's XXS to L. You know how rare this is. Come test ride one of these dream machines today!

    Liv is the only brand that makes a full range of bicycles and gear for women. Designed by women, for women.

    That said, no bike ever fit anyone straight out of the box. At Redbeard, fit is our first priority. We will set you up on the bike so that you are comfortable, yet efficient and powerful. Your bike fit changes over time, so we encourage you to visit us for adjustments! 

    Special thanks to photographer Sam Polcer of New York Bike Style fame, for this shot. 

    From left to right: Kasia, Liv Envie Advanced Pro 1; Krista, Liv Avail 3; Jill, Liv Envie Advanced 2; Kristin, Liv Envie Advanced 1; and Abigail, Liv Avail 1 Disc

  • Six Days of Kissena

    We are thrilled that Kissena Velodrome saw the largest turnout of women racers yesterday!

    This was Week 4 of Six Days of Kissena, presented by Lucarelli & Castaldi & Affinity Cycles.

    Redbeard Bikes sponsored the prizes; first place prize is a bike fitting at our shop.

    Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all the women who raced!

    More photos here and a write-up on NY Velocity.


    Photo credit: Chris Lee

  • Update: Track World Cup

    Congratulations to Missy Erickson, Team USA, for taking the bronze medal in the Women's Keirin at #TrackWCupCali!!! Check out the final race:

    Full results from the weekend can be found here and replays of the finals are now up on YouTube's UCI Channel.

  • Track World Cup in Cali, Colombia

    The UCI Track Cycling World Cup is happening this weekend in Cali, Colombia!

    Racing starts tonight. We are rooting for Missy Erickson of Team USA Cycling. Erickson is the current U.S. Sprint & Keirin Elite National Champion and a 5-time National Champion.

    Track cycling is so much fun to watch! We feel the suspense and thrill of it comes across even in video. In particular, check out the team sprints.

    Check out this clip from one of Erickson's training sessions:

    Unfortunately, live coverage of the races doesn't start till Sunday (4-7pm) on the UCI channel on YouTube, but you can follow on Instagram & Twitter: @TrackWCupCali.

  • Highlights of USA Cyclocross Nationals

    Tayler Rae Dubé at Pretty. Damned. Fast. writes about some awesome girls who raced in the mud and freezing rain this weekend.

    If you haven't checked out this awesome blog yet, do it!

    P.S. They are now accepting submissions from readers about women's cycling. Tell your story!

  • The New Giro Petra VR!

    Look at this gorgeous, on-trend cycling shoe! The great thing about the Giro Petra VR is its sole.

    The sole features clipless pedal compatibility and the walkability of a hiking shoe. The Vibram rubber handles dry and wet conditions like a charm. This double duty item is great for those on the go or those who are ready to begin clipless riding.  Come in and try in on!


    --Krista Christophe

  • Braver than the Elements | Rapha Ladies' Ride


    Join me on Saturday, 12/20, for the Braver than the Elements ride hosted by Rapha NYC Cycle Club. There will be a 40-50 mile group and a 60-80 mile route.

    More info and RSVP here.

    There are rides in other cities across the United States, too!



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