Brompton Folding Bikes

August 12, 2021:

Please visit our main website for a stock list and information about purchasing a Brompton at Redbeard Bikes.

Occasionally we will post bikes for here directly on our webstore (below).

Local riders always get first dibs on Bromptons, but when possible, we are happy to ship to riders elsewhere in the USA :)

Per the terms of our dealer agreement with Brompton, we do not ship internationally, or sell to exporters/resellers. Due to high demand and low availability: one Brompton per customer per calendar year.

[We ship via UPS Ground, with insurance, signature required. $50/classic Brompton, $75/electric. For electric,
you must live within driving distance of a Brompton electric dealer, in case of firmware updates and other service.]

Shop for Brompton accessories.

Thank you!
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