Redbeard Bikes "Winter Camo" Thermal Long-sleeve Jersey

Redbeard Bikes

Redbeard Bikes

We're excited to announce a new piece of Redbeard kit: the Redbeard Bikes long-sleeve thermal jersey.

From designer Ros Knopov: "I kept the red of the summer jersey -- I think we need that energy in the winter! For the sleeves, I created a Redbeard Bikes winter camo pattern. It all started with a gesture sketch of a cyclist, followed by pastels, lots of cutting and bringing the pieces back together." 

Check out our Instagram post for a sneak peek into the design process!

This jersey is a "bronze" fit, same as the classic black Redbeard Bikes summer jersey. Pairs with the Redbeard wind vest.

Designed by Ros Knopov. Produced by Cuore.

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