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Rock N Roll Lubrication

Rock-N-Roll Chain Lube

Rock-N-Roll Chain Lube

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The Gold​

It's the latest addition to Rock N' Roll that does both road and mountain bikes. Keep it simple with one lube.

Holy Cow

​Holy Cow is the latest in the Rock N' Roll Lubrication's line up of chain lubes. Holy Cow is not flammable and is a very settled wet lube that is as clean or cleaner than most dry lubes. Holy Cow preforms fantastic, like the other Rock N' Roll chain lubes. However being a little bit of a wet style chain lube, what little dirt or grit that does get on the chain, can be wiped away quickly and easily with the chain looking great again. For all you riders that like to ride with a wet lube but could live better without all the dirt and grit of a wet lube, Holy Cow is just for you.

The Absolute Dry

​It's for riders who are clean freaks roadies.

The Extreme​

Extreme is for MTB or wet road riding.

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