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Spurcycle Bell

Spurcycle Bell

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The Spurcycle Bell is single-handedly the classiest way to make your bike street-legal.

Spurcycle distilled the average bell into a trim, precision form. Smaller, more potent, and more streamlined -- built to ring far longer than any bell you've ever owned.

  • Made in America.
  • Engineered to fit all handlebars, standard and oversize diameters.
  • A bell for any bike: modern, road, mountain or vintage townie.
  • Built to ring far longer than any bell you've ever owned.
  • Video install instructions are available below. (2.5mm hex tool required.)
  • Did you know we tested our bell design thru over 100,000 rings? That's many years of every day use, but we warranty them to infinity.
  • Did you know that our bells include 20 grams of Nickel Brass—the same stuff used by the British in minting money?  It rings like none other—over 3x longer that common bells.

Pointers from Spurcycle on caring for your bell:

TIP 1: When we assemble bells, we place a small amount of lubricant in the pivot. We've cycled the pivot tens of thousands of times, both dry and lubricated. The difference in wear is minor but just a drop of lube every year is a good idea.
TIP 2: The brass hammer is covered in Renaissance wax during assembly. This will slow the oxidation process that leads to a patinated surface. If at any point you want to restore some brilliance to your bell, any gentle metal polish will quickly deliver results. Actually, it's a good way to add extra shine to the brushed dome finish if that's your preference.
TIP 3: Brass is a pretty soft metal. After impacting the Dome over a length of time, the Hammer can leave a little brass mark—more obvious on the black Domes. It's just a little surface deposit of brass and can be removed using a soft rag and metal polish to lightly buff out the spot.

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