• Wednesday Round-Up: Juno Edition

    Starting today, we'll bring you a weekly round-up of interesting bike stuff...every Wednesday!

    In Vision Zero news: an illuminating interview with Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives: On the Radical Idea that Cars Shouldn't Kill. Paul tells it like it is: "If a driver injures someone while committing a traffic violation it’s still an “oops” moment here in New York. Cops don’t investigate the crash scene. DAs, even when the evidence is there, aren’t pursuing meaningful charges. We still just don’t have that social stigma and cultural realization that driving is an extraordinarily grave undertaking. That when you get behind the wheel you absolutely are responsible."

    Another kind of zero: Velocio ZERO Bibtights got a sweet review in Bicycling Magazine. ("And isn’t that why you buy good cycling clothing? To be comfortable to the point that you don’t think about it.") Last we checked, Redbeard Bikes is the only shop in the city to carry Velocio cycling apparel for women.

    Registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour opened this week. The Tour happens Sunday, May 3, 2015. It's the world's biggest charitable bike ride! Proceeds from the Tour support Bike New York's awesome free bike education programs.

    Missy Erickson's first-hand account of the Track Cycling World Cup in Cali, Colombia last weekend. She brought home the bronze in the women's keirin race for Team USA!

    DUMBO BID featured us in its newsletter and on the blog: Winter Cycling Tips from the Redbeard Bikes Pros.

    Want to learn how to ride safely in a group? NYCC offers a formal training program for riders of all levels. Check out Spring Training with NYCC. Registration opens 2/11. If you've done this program, we're curious if you liked it!

    Reminder: all Redbeard shop rides are on hiatus till around March 15th. Our no-drop rides are another great opportunity to pick up some group riding skills and meet other cyclists. Save the date!

    Missy Erickson on the podium at the Track World Cup in Cali, Colombia.

  • Update: Juno Snow Day

    Update: the shop is closed today, Tuesday, 1/27. Enjoy the snow day!

    Wednesday is our usual day off, so we'll be back on Thursday (12-7pm).

    Time-sensitive inquiries: please email redbeard@redbeardbikes.com

  • Blizzard in NYC

    The shop opens at 12pm today (as usual). We may close early due to the blizzard, so please call ahead (718) 858-2453. We expect to be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/27) if there is significant snow accumulation. Stay safe out there!

    Also: head's up that all our shop rides are on hiatus till around March 15th.

    Kasia's Lynskey in Prospect Park - the day before the blizzard.

  • Review: Gore Face Warmer

    Wilson Gore Face Mask (4)

    Model: Wilson G. 

    The best thing about the Gore Bike Wear Universal Face Warmer is that it does what it says it will do. It protects my face and ears during my chilly commute to work. I'm miserable every time I venture into the sharp, cold air without it.  

    Why does it work?  What makes the Gore Face Warmer so special? It's made of polyester, one of mankind's greatest inventions. As anyone from the '70s can attest, that stuff gets hot. Gore's Windstopper technology is an added bonus. They laminate the polyester to keep the wind from cutting through to your skin. Also, you don't have to worry about things getting too stuffy. See those little holes on the left side of the product? 

    Those allow you to breath freely while you're huffing, puffing, and cycling down the street.  One thing to keep in mind is your nose size.  My nose is on the small side, so if I don't velcro the straps on the back just right, I'll experience some slippage.  Another thing to keep in mind is that this mask makes you seem far more intimidating than you really are. No one can see your gorgeous smile under all that breathable, heat-concealing, black fabric. 

    Wilson Gore Face Mask (7)

    --Krista Christophe


  • Cheat Sheet: 7 Things You Need To Ride All Winter

    Whether you hail from Eastern Europe, Canada, or the American midwest, you've probably heard the expression, "There is no bad weather; only bad clothes." 

    Here at Redbeard, we agree one hundred percent. If you want to ride your bike all winter, you will need the right clothes...and a few other things. We wrote you a cheat sheet. 

    Don't have a bike? January and February are the best months to buy one! The shop is quiet, so you'll get lots of personalized attention...and when spring comes, you'll be fitter and faster than everyone who took the train all winter. 

    1. Socks & Gloves
    Feet and hands get cold first. Wool socks will keep your feet toasty. They retain heat well and wick away moisture. And you don't need to wash them after each wear!

    Gloves are tricky. Are they waterproof? Windproof? For what temperatures are they designed? You may need more than one pair to get you through the winter. How far do you usually ride? Do you ride in heavy rain, or just drizzle? We'll help you find the right glove. We even have some on sale -- real steals.

    2. Hats, Face Warmers, Balaclavas 
    Most of us don't have a big red beard to keep us warm! If the temperature is below freezing, don't leave home without a Gore hat and facewarmer, or a balaclava.

    3. The rest of your outfit
    The rule of thumb is: several breathable thin layers, and a waterproof and/or windproof shell. Our favorite pieces include the Gore Windstopper Phantom Jacket for guys, and the Velocio Mid-Jacket or Gore Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket for gals. Pop in and try on these gems.

    Photo: Kasia in Gore Windstopper jacket and leggings, Gore lobster gloves, and Planet
    Bike booties. Her Lynskey is outfitted with a Tubus rear rack and an Ortlieb City-Biker Bag.

    4. Fenders 
    Keep your butt and back dry with a rear fender. Better still: get a full coverage set (front and rear) and keep the salt spray out of your face.

    5. Waterproof panniers or backpack
    Whether you ride with a rack and panniers, or a carry a backpack or messenger bag, that thing better be waterproof! We whole-heartedly recommend Ortlieb. Browse online, or better yet, bring your stuff to the shop and see which bag holds it best.

    6. Friends who ride 
    Whether you're commuting, or training, pair up with a friend to stay motivated! Friends don't ride? Spend some time at Redbeard Bikes (or anywhere in DUMBO) and you're bound to meet someone! 

    7. Indoor Trainer &/or Spin Classes
    Let's face it. There will be days when the roads are icy, the temperature is in the low teens, and the wind is roaring 20 MPH. Turn up the tunes and jump on your indoor Cycle Ops trainer. Or zip over to your favorite gym for a spin class. The Fitness Guru here in DUMBO just added a Bike 'N Rip class: spin followed by boot camp

    Photo: Graydon Kolk's Surly Straggler, outfitted with fenders, a front rack,
    and grippy winter tires, built up by Redbeard Bikes.


    All products that appear in-stock on our website can be picked up in person at Redbeard Bikes. If an item is out-of-stock, it's typically just a day or two away. Don't see what you want? Tell us! We'll happily special order.

  • Update: Redbeard Shop Rides

    All our shop rides are on hiatus for the winter. We plan to resume around March 15th.

    Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates. If you'd like to receive emails about rides, please send a note to kasia@redbeardbikes.com.

    Of course - we encourage you to keep riding! For advice about riding through the winter, visit the shop! We'll deck out your bike with fenders, winter tires, etc., dress you in windproof, waterproof gear, and teach you how to ride safely.

  • The New Giro Petra VR!

    Look at this gorgeous, on-trend cycling shoe! The great thing about the Giro Petra VR is its sole.

    The sole features clipless pedal compatibility and the walkability of a hiking shoe. The Vibram rubber handles dry and wet conditions like a charm. This double duty item is great for those on the go or those who are ready to begin clipless riding.  Come in and try in on!


    --Krista Christophe

  • Closed This Week (12/29 - 1/2)

    Happy Holidays from the Redbeard crew!

    Just a reminder that the shop is CLOSED this week: Monday, 12/29 through Friday, 1/2.

    We are back to normal winter hours on Saturday, 1/3!

    Winter Hours:
    Mon / Tues / Thurs / Fri: 12pm - 7pm
    Sat: 11am - 6pm
    Sun: 1pm - 6pm
    Closed Wednesdays

  • Holiday Bundle: Brooks

    Treat yourself - or the classics major you love - to some Brooks gems.

    We have the new Cambium bar tape!

    Open till 7pm tonight. Open late on Tuesday, 12pm to 9pm.

    Photo Credit: Priscilla Bargas

  • Redbeard Holiday Schedule

    For last minute Christmas shopping: Redbeard Bikes will be open late, till 9pm, on Tuesday, 12/23!

    Special requests? Call us at (718) 858-2453 or email us: redbeard@redbeardbikes.com.

    Our holiday schedule is:

    Wednesday, 12/24 - Friday, 12/26

    Saturday, 12/27 - Sunday, 12/28

    Monday, 12/29 - Friday 1/2

    Back to normal winter hours on Saturday, 1/3!

    As a reminder, winter hours are:

    Mon / Tues / Thurs / Fri: 12pm - 7pm
    Sat: 11am - 6pm
    Sun: 1pm - 6pm
    Closed Wednesdays

    Redbeard Sunday shop rides continue, weather permitting. Always check Facebook for updates. (The page is public; you don't need to be a Facebook member to view it.)

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